1. Getting To Know You.  We, here at Solace Creek Custom Homes, would like to make your homebuilding experience as relaxed and stress-free as possible.  Instead of meeting in an confining office setting we would be more than happy to come meet you in the comfort of your home.  There, you will meet with Derek Bounds where all of your questions can be answered by the builder and owner, himself.  This meeting also gives Derek an opportunity to begin learning what it is you most desire in your new home and how he can best transform your vision into a reality.  We realize that that this is a business relationship built on trust, and we have found that this trust is best built in a setting where we not only learn about you, but you also learn about who we truly are as a homebuilder
  2. Land Aquisition.   Many clients that walk through our doors for the first time are very excited to start the homebuilding process but have not yet acquired the perfect homesite on which to start it.  Not a problem!   Brittney Bounds, part owner and licensed realtor, specializes in land acquisition in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.  With her broad knowledge of the San Antonio market and research capabilities, Brittney can direct you to the community that best meets your needs.  Whether it be the North shores of Canyon lake or the hilltops in Helotes, Brittney can locate the dream property you have always been looking for.  Upon finding your home site of interest, Derek will scout the land to make sure this particular lot will work for the type of home and budget you desire.If you already own land, Great!  Solace Creek will visit the property to determine if there are any unique qualities of the land that will affect the construction cost.  It is also in this phase of the process that we will ask you to meet with a financial institution to gain the pre-approval necessary to begin the lot purchase process.
  3. Plan Design.    Whether you already have a set of plans that just need some minor changes or you need to start from the beginning, we can help you with that.  It is our main objective to interpret your vision and bring the picture in your mind to life.  We ask that you provide us with as much information as possible, such as magazine clippings, websites or anything that will help us get to know you better.
  4. Selections and Specifications:   Once parameters for the project have been established and we have a rough draft of the floor plan, we will start the design process.  Even before the plans are finalized we feel it is very important to understand the style and taste of the client in order to deliver on the clients vision.   To develop the look of the home we will begin to identify the specific types of materials needed, such as stone, stucco and type of roof.   This list is also referred to as the list of specifications.The exterior, or front elevation of the home, is the single most important aspect of any home design.   When a person pictures a home in their mind, most people picture the front of the house.   Derek and Brittney feel if they understand their client they can begin to see through the eyes of the home owner.  Once Derek and Brittney gain this insight the rest of the design will come together.
  5.  Contract:   Once all plans, selections, and specifications are determined we will draw up the contract.  Solace Creek prefers to bid the plans as exact as possible.   In order to do this, we will ask that all selections are made prior to starting the home.  Traditionally, custom builders would set allowances for their clients, but these allowances are often times too low to give the buyer the finish out desired.  We are a true custom builder and allow as many changes as you would like and do not want to limit you on any one area of the home.
  6. Financing:   Financing for custom homes is broken into two parts.  There is the fixed loan that will be your mortgage once the project is complete and then there is also the construction loan that finances the building of the project.  During the pre-approval process, one of our preferred lenders will explain the process to you in great detail.  We can also work with any lending institution of your choice.
  7. Pre Construction Meeting:   Once the loan has been approved we can begin construction.  Before construction begins, we require one last meeting at the home site to go through the construction process  and to set expectations on job site safety, property clean up and the construction schedule.
  8. Pre Drywall Meeting:   Once the home is framed, mechanicals installed, and the electrical ran, Derek will meet with you at the home site prior to insulation to explain to you how the mechanical systems work and demonstrate to you what is beyond the walls. It is the belief of Solace Creek that home owners should have a complete understanding of the functionality of the home.   It is at this meeting that all selections and plan details will be reviewed one last time to make sure that both parties are in agreement that the home is ready for drywall.
  9. Buyer Introduction:   Before closing on the permanent loan Solace Creek will perform an in- depth walk through to explain how the home functions, from water shut offs to care and maintenance of countertops and appliances.  It is imperative for the new home owners to understand how the home works and how to care and maintain the mechanical systems to keep the home in top working order.  It is at this appointment that if there are any items in the home that are still  in need of correction, Derek will  make note of those items and correct them prior to going to the closing table.
  10. Closing:   Closing is usually set one week after the Buyer Introduction  to ensure there is plenty of time to have the home one hundred percent move in ready and all items completed if any were noted at the previous meeting.
  11. Follow up Warranty:    Solace Creek Custom Homes views the days as after move in critical to the satisfaction of their clients.  We are here to answer any questions that may arise and if a warrantable item should come up during the warranty period Derek will personally handle the issue from start to finish.  Our goal is for the buyer to be as impressed with the quality of their new home and the service they receive a year after the closing as they were the day they closed.  We don’t just want to build your home; we want to be your builder for life.